Search Engine Optimization

The top spot on a search page attracts about 30% of the page’s clicks. Positions 2 to 3 generate 5% to 10% of the clicks, and links below the fold receive less than 1% of users’ attention. If you’re on the second page – your search-engine-driven clicks will be close to nothing. Think about it, how many times do you click a result on the second or third page? Probably very rarely.

With over 5 years of experience performing search engine optimization – our team has the experience needed to make your business outrank the competition.

Increase Your Visibility

Chances are individuals are not searching for the name of your business – they are looking for attributes to match a desire (restaurant type and location, project name, regulation information, etc) and you should have the content and rankings to fulfill their needs.

  • Become a reference for industry topics and trends
  • Lead the search results for your product
  • Enhance your credibility and visibility

Monitor Your Rankings

Don’t have the time to search Google, Bing, and Yahoo to monitor your search positions? Let LDMG provide you with weekly or monthly reports detailing your current ranking for target keywords – we can even monitor your competitors!

  • Stay up to date on your search positions
  • Spy on current competitors and spot new ones
  • Save time and effort